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Tuhi bann gyi hai dhadkan ..

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Oh baby ..
You shine like a first morning sunshine ..
And you shower rain in my heart ..
I can’t never ever let you go ..
Keeping you in my heart ..
Forever like never before ..

Main dhup hu ,
Tu chao hai ..
Tu hai hawa
Thehrav main..
Kese banayun aapna tujhe ?
Puchu yehi main apne dilse ..

Tu hai aasmaan ..
Main teri zameen ..

Dil yehi poochta ,
Kese baataun tujhe ..
Tu bann gyi hai  …
dhadkan ..

Januna main kese baatayoon
Tujhe  …
Kya soche mera mann…
Tu bann gyi hai ..
dhadkan ..

Ginu main laheron ko
Sapno main ..
Haatho main ho haath tere ..
Maango na kuch v ..
Bas chahoon saath tere ..
Kyuki tuhi toh hai
Iss dil ki dhadkan ..
Tu bann gyi hai ..
Dhadhkan ..


To be like the Moon ..

Pic source :- google

To be loved ;
And spreading the magic
Of love ;

Lit up like the Moon !
Never loosing  vitality
Throughout the negativity ;

Although Moon lit up
Not her own light it is !!
Yet she finds her way
To be charming
And towards the positivity ..

My happiness ??
Is to be like the Moon ..
She’s charming ,
She’s beautiful…