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6 signs the Bookworm instantly relate to !!!

Ah !!! Books …
Well .. Well .. Well ..
Books !!!! Sounds boring to the majority people specially young stars out there , in the era of social site networking !!
Fb status updates , tweeting , following and long time whatsaap chatting with besties or may be with that “someone special” !!!
Reading books !!!
Lol !!¬† ūüėÄ

It sounds boring to many of us !! Yet there are some people or it may be you who may gotta Hidden bookworm ! Or in other words the “kitabi keeda” Within you !!

Here’s the major 6 signs that proves you’re a Bookworm by heart !!

1. You keep your books properly like that of a library !

Pic source : Google

You take care of your books like a librarian ! Although you may don’t need an old lower std text book yet you keep it with same care like you do take care of¬† important books !!

2. You just love the “smells of books!” .. You can feel the books !!

Pic source: Google

For you books’ smells are like smelling deodorants or scents !! The smell of books is so alluring to you that a deo never allured you in such a way !!
You love old books’ smell , new books’ smells , word colour smells !! You feel the books actually !!

3. You usually don’t used to lend your books to people !!

Pic source : Google

Yeah… Yeah .. It’s cent percent true !! You don’t want to lend your books to anybody !! Although how much he/she closer to you !!
You generally at first made so many excuses ; actually cites reasons for not lending the book !!
“arrey .. Yaar .. I actually need this book to note down something important!!”
Or… The most valid one ..
“Ohho !! Why don’t you tell me before ?? I already lend it to someone else !!”

4. You feel like “killing it” if anyone failed to handle your book safely !!

Pic source : Google

Now… I can bet on it !!
If anyone somehow able to take your book and unfortunately she/he is unable to take care of your book .. You’ll show an instant dislike for his/her irresponsibility¬† and directly made a comment without waiting for a sec ! And you’ll kill that person Hundred times in your mind & promise yourself to never lend books to him/her !!
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