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4 simple words for success!!

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OK … I’m not a prophet !! Not a success guru !! I’m just a simple person following some principles that benefited me in a way or the other !! And I thought it will be good to share with you all guys .. And I think you all gonna agree with these four simple observations of mine !!
And… here we go ..

1. Broken promises = loose of Respect !!
Respect is earned , it’s not free !! Words are hard to keep !! If we can’t then why do we utter ??

2. Work = God

God is as we know Omnipresent, omnipotent & omniscient supernatural power who can do magic if you work hard and properly..

3. God = you for yourself ..

Finding God to fulfill wishes ??
Why to find ?? Be your own God .. Work = God = you !!
That’s all ..
But you must #work !!

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7 Facts that Straightforward people would relate to !!

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Hello .. Everyone !!!
Are you amongst the straightforward people ???

People generally hides some points while talking or may talk about something indirectly ! But the social animals who are of straightforward in nature , they will let you know their point of views directly without bothering what the other person will say about it !!
Ah !! It generally makes the other person sad !!
But .. But .. But ..
Do you know these Straightforward beings gotta benefits of their very own nature and also their friends gotta benefits even !
Although their friends many a times complaint about  his/her straightforwardly nature..
Cheers guys… if you gotta this Straightforward gem in your group.. You’re damn lucky !!

Here’s the major 7 facts that these Straightforward people would relate to .. If you gotta these habits then you’re One of them ..
So … Hurry ..
Check these out guys ..

1. Direct answers , least complications

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Yeah … Yes guys !!!!
This is what the straightforwardly people get benefited !!
We don’t want complications in our lives !! We want to get rid of it !! Sucks the complications !!!
But .. Talking indirectly , bothering so much invites complications in our lifestyle !
But .. These people talk directly without bothering about .. They will comment about what they feel directly .. So the life become easier for them to live on and move on !

2. They are by behavior kind of rude but they aren’t !!

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Yeah .. You heard me right !!
As they comment directly , it was like they are rude !!

I mean for eg.
you dressed up so nicely and ready to go out …
But he/she being straightforward will directly points out what’s wrong with your dressing !!! And you got disappointed !!

But their intension wasn’t to hurt you !!  They just pointed out so that you may not get embarrassed in front of others !
In short .. He/she help you by limiting criticisms on your dressing by others !!

3. Perfect analyst by heart !!!

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It is believed that decisions coming from heart is the most accurate and valid one !!
As these decisions already contains the analysis from brain !! Our Heart at last approves those decisions !
And straightforward people are perfect analyst by heart … You can’t deny the fact !! They analyse each and every aspects of a matter then gives you the logically valid Verdict !!

4. Argumentative they’re !!!

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Well …  Yeah guys .. You all read it right !!
As these people are actually sure that what they have commented is almost true and you’re disagree with what they have commented then they’ll argue with all the possible logical points .. And their arguments are so strong that you have to give up at last !!
But .. If they commented wrongly by chance they don’t felt  embarrassing it is but they will support your comment from heart by rejecting their own ..

5. Truthful and unbiased…

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All they are truthful and unbiased .. The most charming nature of these people ..
They wanna show you that they’re rude ! Argumentative ! Kind of unsocial by nature !!
And yes they are right as most of us is biased and speak the ‘ half truth’ .. This is what makes them different from others ..

6. They gives you the most accurate feedbacks

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Well … We can’t deny the fact that we always need a feedback for almost  everything !!
Be it on  dress up in special occasion , make up , shopping , working , or decision making !!

And we generally ask for feedbacks to our buddies !! And they actually gives us , unfortunately an indirect feedback !!
But .. If you ask for a feedback to a person who’s straightforward by nature ; believe me guys he/she will give you an accurate feedback , citing out pros. & cons. of the matter and with least  prejudices !

7. Keeps promises …

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We promise , we broke !!
But they don’t .. If they promised you then they’ll keep .. That is why they actually don’t wanna promise most of the times as it hurts them a lot if they fails to keep promises .. And they knows the fact that how much difficult is to keep a promise !


6 signs the Bookworm instantly relate to !!!

Ah !!! Books …
Well .. Well .. Well ..
Books !!!! Sounds boring to the majority people specially young stars out there , in the era of social site networking !!
Fb status updates , tweeting , following and long time whatsaap chatting with besties or may be with that “someone special” !!!
Reading books !!!
Lol !!  😀

It sounds boring to many of us !! Yet there are some people or it may be you who may gotta Hidden bookworm ! Or in other words the “kitabi keeda” Within you !!

Here’s the major 6 signs that proves you’re a Bookworm by heart !!

1. You keep your books properly like that of a library !

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You take care of your books like a librarian ! Although you may don’t need an old lower std text book yet you keep it with same care like you do take care of  important books !!

2. You just love the “smells of books!” .. You can feel the books !!

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For you books’ smells are like smelling deodorants or scents !! The smell of books is so alluring to you that a deo never allured you in such a way !!
You love old books’ smell , new books’ smells , word colour smells !! You feel the books actually !!

3. You usually don’t used to lend your books to people !!

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Yeah… Yeah .. It’s cent percent true !! You don’t want to lend your books to anybody !! Although how much he/she closer to you !!
You generally at first made so many excuses ; actually cites reasons for not lending the book !!
“arrey .. Yaar .. I actually need this book to note down something important!!”
Or… The most valid one ..
“Ohho !! Why don’t you tell me before ?? I already lend it to someone else !!”

4. You feel like “killing it” if anyone failed to handle your book safely !!

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Now… I can bet on it !!
If anyone somehow able to take your book and unfortunately she/he is unable to take care of your book .. You’ll show an instant dislike for his/her irresponsibility  and directly made a comment without waiting for a sec ! And you’ll kill that person Hundred times in your mind & promise yourself to never lend books to him/her !!
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Rest in Peace !!

Hey everyone, this is the first article I’m publishing on this site as a blogger ; Woo!! Blogger really ?? Well I’m an amateur fellow , sharing my views with you all !!

Rest in Peace !! The buzzing words in fashion !! Well , what do you think about this term “RIP” ??
Do we really mean it ? What an idiotic question I’m asking !! Isn’t it ?
It came to my mind while I saw RIP updates on my fb account for our respected former President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam sir .
I made an update too !! Why not after all we love him , respect him , we’re sad in his demise .. True it is .
But the fact that stuck in my mind is … Do we really mean it ? I updated “Rest in Peace ” , some commented “huge loss” , “one of the greatest authors” , ” noble man” , “Missile Man of India ” , “People’s President” and many more . Well , we all know about it , and we people never hesitate to praise anybody !! And he’s a great legend , so updating Rest in Peace is a must !!
Once I heard a proverb , I can’t remember properly but the meaning of that proverb is

when we lost ,we came to know about it’s value !!

True it is in this case .. We updated #RIP and the social networking sites are full of such comments ; but still Do we justifies our #RIP updates !
Not an important question it is ! Still a question to think on !
How many of us implemented the wise words of these legends who are the pillars of humanity , the pillars of the nation !
Do we ??
Many a times , we general people forgot after a while about the great legends who have contributed many a things to us  , solves many questions, gifted new ways . After those #RIP updates , their concepts , ideas , ideologies and everything got published in books . we celebrate birth and death anniversaries and That’s all !! Finished ..
They’re in short ,

Become the Historical facts that only remain in the pages  of History !

Aren’t we fake ???
Aren’t we ashamed of this ???
Shame on us ! We’re fake !
We the fake people who blame everyone for a little silly mistakes but this is we who become blind when it comes up to us !!
All we forgot about this and move on !! Showing pity is a fake if we can not justify what we speak !!
“What we speak , we should really mean it !! “
Then justification will be achieved ..
It’s high time to think guys ! #Time_to_be_Active

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