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Words of Honesty ! 

The truth in you remains radiant as the love of oneself , whether people believe or not .. That’s none of your business until & unless you’re not doing well ! 


4 simple words for success!!

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OK … I’m not a prophet !! Not a success guru !! I’m just a simple person following some principles that benefited me in a way or the other !! And I thought it will be good to share with you all guys .. And I think you all gonna agree with these four simple observations of mine !!
And… here we go ..

1. Broken promises = loose of Respect !!
Respect is earned , it’s not free !! Words are hard to keep !! If we can’t then why do we utter ??

2. Work = God

God is as we know Omnipresent, omnipotent & omniscient supernatural power who can do magic if you work hard and properly..

3. God = you for yourself ..

Finding God to fulfill wishes ??
Why to find ?? Be your own God .. Work = God = you !!
That’s all ..
But you must #work !!

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To be like the Moon ..

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To be loved ;
And spreading the magic
Of love ;

Lit up like the Moon !
Never loosing  vitality
Throughout the negativity ;

Although Moon lit up
Not her own light it is !!
Yet she finds her way
To be charming
And towards the positivity ..

My happiness ??
Is to be like the Moon ..
She’s charming ,
She’s beautiful…