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Words of Honesty ! 

The truth in you remains radiant as the love of oneself , whether people believe or not .. That’s none of your business until & unless you’re not doing well ! 


4 simple words for success!!

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OK … I’m not a prophet !! Not a success guru !! I’m just a simple person following some principles that benefited me in a way or the other !! And I thought it will be good to share with you all guys .. And I think you all gonna agree with these four simple observations of mine !!
And… here we go ..

1. Broken promises = loose of Respect !!
Respect is earned , it’s not free !! Words are hard to keep !! If we can’t then why do we utter ??

2. Work = God

God is as we know Omnipresent, omnipotent & omniscient supernatural power who can do magic if you work hard and properly..

3. God = you for yourself ..

Finding God to fulfill wishes ??
Why to find ?? Be your own God .. Work = God = you !!
That’s all ..
But you must #work !!

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5 Benefits of Being Chashmish !!!

A girl wearing specs is generally for herself boring !!! If you’re a chashmish then you’ll react to my article heading like ..

” Ah !!! Benefits of being Chashmish!!!! Now what’s this Nonsense !! She don’t have common sense .. Most probably ; if I’m not wrong ”

OK..OK .. Chill girl ..  I know you’re a college goer and that too wear  specs and many of your batch mates and seniors and friends  tease you by calling .. Double battery , chaar aankhonwali , andhi , and some  calls you Chashmish !!

But.. But .. But ..
What they used to call you is just to tease you Baby .. Not seriously .. And they know what you’re by the way ..
You know being Chashmish you gotta 5 major benefits ; just take a look …

1. Your Sincere impression in college !!!!

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Our professors and Princi’ always like sincere students .. Although , ironically all they got mainly bunkers !!
But .. A girl’s first impression who wear Specs among the seniors , teachers and professors is like ..
“She is very sincere student
And that means they will be polite and good to you !!!
Although you may not be sincere anyway !!!

2. You’re simply adorable with no make ups !! And that beautiful smile …

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OK … I know you’re simple !!
And .. You are at your best look !!
You didn’t put any make ups !! Yet wear a beautiful smile !!
Jiske kitne diwane hai !!

3. You’re not hot !! You’re cute …

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The girls out there in your campus , putting so much make ups are in focus !!
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Rest in Peace !!

Hey everyone, this is the first article I’m publishing on this site as a blogger ; Woo!! Blogger really ?? Well I’m an amateur fellow , sharing my views with you all !!

Rest in Peace !! The buzzing words in fashion !! Well , what do you think about this term “RIP” ??
Do we really mean it ? What an idiotic question I’m asking !! Isn’t it ?
It came to my mind while I saw RIP updates on my fb account for our respected former President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam sir .
I made an update too !! Why not after all we love him , respect him , we’re sad in his demise .. True it is .
But the fact that stuck in my mind is … Do we really mean it ? I updated “Rest in Peace ” , some commented “huge loss” , “one of the greatest authors” , ” noble man” , “Missile Man of India ” , “People’s President” and many more . Well , we all know about it , and we people never hesitate to praise anybody !! And he’s a great legend , so updating Rest in Peace is a must !!
Once I heard a proverb , I can’t remember properly but the meaning of that proverb is

when we lost ,we came to know about it’s value !!

True it is in this case .. We updated #RIP and the social networking sites are full of such comments ; but still Do we justifies our #RIP updates !
Not an important question it is ! Still a question to think on !
How many of us implemented the wise words of these legends who are the pillars of humanity , the pillars of the nation !
Do we ??
Many a times , we general people forgot after a while about the great legends who have contributed many a things to us  , solves many questions, gifted new ways . After those #RIP updates , their concepts , ideas , ideologies and everything got published in books . we celebrate birth and death anniversaries and That’s all !! Finished ..
They’re in short ,

Become the Historical facts that only remain in the pages  of History !

Aren’t we fake ???
Aren’t we ashamed of this ???
Shame on us ! We’re fake !
We the fake people who blame everyone for a little silly mistakes but this is we who become blind when it comes up to us !!
All we forgot about this and move on !! Showing pity is a fake if we can not justify what we speak !!
“What we speak , we should really mean it !! “
Then justification will be achieved ..
It’s high time to think guys ! #Time_to_be_Active

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