6 signs the Bookworm instantly relate to !!!

Ah !!! Books …
Well .. Well .. Well ..
Books !!!! Sounds boring to the majority people specially young stars out there , in the era of social site networking !!
Fb status updates , tweeting , following and long time whatsaap chatting with besties or may be with that “someone special” !!!
Reading books !!!
Lol !!  😀

It sounds boring to many of us !! Yet there are some people or it may be you who may gotta Hidden bookworm ! Or in other words the “kitabi keeda” Within you !!

Here’s the major 6 signs that proves you’re a Bookworm by heart !!

1. You keep your books properly like that of a library !

Pic source : Google

You take care of your books like a librarian ! Although you may don’t need an old lower std text book yet you keep it with same care like you do take care of  important books !!

2. You just love the “smells of books!” .. You can feel the books !!

Pic source: Google

For you books’ smells are like smelling deodorants or scents !! The smell of books is so alluring to you that a deo never allured you in such a way !!
You love old books’ smell , new books’ smells , word colour smells !! You feel the books actually !!

3. You usually don’t used to lend your books to people !!

Pic source : Google

Yeah… Yeah .. It’s cent percent true !! You don’t want to lend your books to anybody !! Although how much he/she closer to you !!
You generally at first made so many excuses ; actually cites reasons for not lending the book !!
“arrey .. Yaar .. I actually need this book to note down something important!!”
Or… The most valid one ..
“Ohho !! Why don’t you tell me before ?? I already lend it to someone else !!”

4. You feel like “killing it” if anyone failed to handle your book safely !!

Pic source : Google

Now… I can bet on it !!
If anyone somehow able to take your book and unfortunately she/he is unable to take care of your book .. You’ll show an instant dislike for his/her irresponsibility  and directly made a comment without waiting for a sec ! And you’ll kill that person Hundred times in your mind & promise yourself to never lend books to him/her !!

5. You read books and dream into it !! You dream through the words of the writer !!

Pic source : google

Be it a fiction or a short story !! Or just about facts that blew your mind ,  or a Blog you read …you just walk into the words and visualize the facts that how it will look ?? You dream through the words as if watching a film !!!
And you forget about the time passed !!! You’re dipped in the ocean of words and dialogues !!
“I’m not a bookworm ; I’m an escapist!! “

6. You’re addicted of keeping book collections and wish to maintain a library at your home !!

Collecting books is like one of your favourite hobbies !! You’d like to keep books from your fav. author , or genre .. You keep ebooks in your lappy or phone even !!
And .. You wish to keep a cute library at your room or in studies !!




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