5 Benefits of Being Chashmish !!!

A girl wearing specs is generally for herself boring !!! If you’re a chashmish then you’ll react to my article heading like ..

” Ah !!! Benefits of being Chashmish!!!! Now what’s this Nonsense !! She don’t have common sense .. Most probably ; if I’m not wrong ”

OK..OK .. Chill girl ..  I know you’re a college goer and that too wear  specs and many of your batch mates and seniors and friends  tease you by calling .. Double battery , chaar aankhonwali , andhi , and some  calls you Chashmish !!

But.. But .. But ..
What they used to call you is just to tease you Baby .. Not seriously .. And they know what you’re by the way ..
You know being Chashmish you gotta 5 major benefits ; just take a look …

1. Your Sincere impression in college !!!!

Pic source : Google

Our professors and Princi’ always like sincere students .. Although , ironically all they got mainly bunkers !!
But .. A girl’s first impression who wear Specs among the seniors , teachers and professors is like ..
“She is very sincere student
And that means they will be polite and good to you !!!
Although you may not be sincere anyway !!!

2. You’re simply adorable with no make ups !! And that beautiful smile …

Pic source : Google

OK … I know you’re simple !!
And .. You are at your best look !!
You didn’t put any make ups !! Yet wear a beautiful smile !!
Jiske kitne diwane hai !!

3. You’re not hot !! You’re cute …

Pic source : Google

The girls out there in your campus , putting so much make ups are in focus !!

And .. I bet .. At least for once you wish . ” kash main unke jesi hoti !!! ( I wish I could be like them !!!) ”
Lol !!!

Oh .. Dear .. You don’t know the real fact honey !! Yes you’re not popular like them being a chashmish !!
But … You’re damn Cute .. A real cutie pie ..

4. All girls are candies !! And you’re Chocolatey !!

Pic source : Google

To be honest .. See around your campus .. They like candies !!
And you’re out there with a heavy border specs .. Looks sooooo  delicious , yummy and chocolatey !!
So no comparison !!
Chill .. You’re better than those candies !!

5. Whatever you say to yourself !! But you’re a charming thief !! ” you stole his heart gently ..”

Pic source : Google

This is what actually happens !!
Ahaan .. I swear !!
You think of yourself
Behenji !! Double battery !! Kind of Nerd like !!

But do you know you’re the coolest Nerd having a flavor of being chocolatey and that too yummy and delicious !!

You think boys tease you , make fun of you !!
You don’t have that popularity that of beauty queens of your college campus !!
But .. Dear ..
Kuch bhi kaho Dil toh chashmeywali hi churati hai !!!

So .. Don’t change yourself .. You’re what you’re .. The original one ..
Original is worth more than a copy !!
Natural you’re .. With a cute face ..



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