Rest in Peace !!

Hey everyone, this is the first article I’m publishing on this site as a blogger ; Woo!! Blogger really ?? Well I’m an amateur fellow , sharing my views with you all !!

Rest in Peace !! The buzzing words in fashion !! Well , what do you think about this term “RIP” ??
Do we really mean it ? What an idiotic question I’m asking !! Isn’t it ?
It came to my mind while I saw RIP updates on my fb account for our respected former President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam sir .
I made an update too !! Why not after all we love him , respect him , we’re sad in his demise .. True it is .
But the fact that stuck in my mind is … Do we really mean it ? I updated “Rest in Peace ” , some commented “huge loss” , “one of the greatest authors” , ” noble man” , “Missile Man of India ” , “People’s President” and many more . Well , we all know about it , and we people never hesitate to praise anybody !! And he’s a great legend , so updating Rest in Peace is a must !!
Once I heard a proverb , I can’t remember properly but the meaning of that proverb is

when we lost ,we came to know about it’s value !!

True it is in this case .. We updated #RIP and the social networking sites are full of such comments ; but still Do we justifies our #RIP updates !
Not an important question it is ! Still a question to think on !
How many of us implemented the wise words of these legends who are the pillars of humanity , the pillars of the nation !
Do we ??
Many a times , we general people forgot after a while about the great legends who have contributed many a things to us  , solves many questions, gifted new ways . After those #RIP updates , their concepts , ideas , ideologies and everything got published in books . we celebrate birth and death anniversaries and That’s all !! Finished ..
They’re in short ,

Become the Historical facts that only remain in the pages  of History !

Aren’t we fake ???
Aren’t we ashamed of this ???
Shame on us ! We’re fake !
We the fake people who blame everyone for a little silly mistakes but this is we who become blind when it comes up to us !!
All we forgot about this and move on !! Showing pity is a fake if we can not justify what we speak !!
“What we speak , we should really mean it !! “
Then justification will be achieved ..
It’s high time to think guys ! #Time_to_be_Active

Think morally, rationally for the Humanity and morality .
After all .. We’re humans guys ! How could we forget our own nature ?? We the most intelligent animals in the earth !!
Think about it for a second …


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